Welcome to the Enrollment Information site for: “Paranormal Personal Encounters” – Free Online Short Course/Companion to the book “Paranormal”by JG Voss

Author Central -Blue Spirit Orb - Taken by JG Voss PPE 7-31-17

A free PDF download and audio reading of  the book”Paranormal” by JG Voss are included with the course.

Enrollment Instructions

To enroll, please go to https://canvas.instructure.com/register and complete the following steps:

1.  Click on “I’m A Student.”

2.  Enter 947M6A for the Join Code number request.

3.  Provide a name.

4.  Create a user name, password and review the “terms of use.”

You do not have to provide an email for enrollment.  However, if you wish to  receive the free  “Paranormal Personal Encounters Certificate of Achievement,” that will be sent by email in a printable PDF format, you would need to email your request to me at:


After you complete the above short enrollment process, you will be brought to the course page. Please click on “Paranormal Personal Encounters” posted beneath the photo with the Spirit orb which will bring you to the course’s “Home” page.  Once inside the course, all you need to use are the three tabs titled “Home,” “Announcements,” and “Modules” that are located on the upper left side of the page.  Please disregard the request about “notifications” settings since none will be sent during the six weeks that the course will be online.

To exit of the course please just click on “Account” located on the upper far left side of the page and then click on “Logout.”   To re-enter the course again please click on “Login” located on the upper far right corner of the registration page.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have at paranormalpersonalencountersjg@gmail.com.

Paranormal Personal Encounters – Short Online Course


This is an “independent learning” course. There are no assignments, discussion threads, group projects or grades. Once enrolled, the online course will be available at any time of day or night for you to enjoy alone or with friends from July 31 through August 12, 2017.


Paranormal Personal Encounters explores the fascinating paranormal realm  through the presentation of personal experiences, supernatural photos, online links and interviews.  The course includes audio files along with a free PDF download of the book “Paranormal” by JG Voss.  This online course has a simple short format to provide participants with an easy way to become acquainted  with the online education environment.  It is also is displayed in a 14 point font for easy reading.  Paranormal Personal Encounters is a non-credited course;  free of tests,  assignments,  group projects or discussion thread requirements.  The Paranormal Personal Encounters short course is  totally free without any costs.

Paranormal Personal Encounters is presented in a format geared for independent learning.  This means that you get to participate at your convenience during the six week period that it is offered online.  Please feel free to participate with a friend or friends who are also interested in exploring the paranormal realm.

Since paranormal content can be disturbing, enrollment for the  “Paranormal Personal Encounters” online short course is available to persons aged 18 years old and over

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my email.

      Thank you and cheers,



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